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Our story

Our story-PictureAs a caregiver, have you ever struggled finding time to do research to come up with engaging hands-on activities for your children? Have you wish to keep your young children away from IT gadgets and computer games, yet not know what other educational activities to offer them? As working parents who wish to spend a little time bonding with your children in the evening, have ever wondered, "What activities should we have to spend some quality time with the young ones?'

As parents, we have our children's best interests at heart, We want to raise confident, creative, joyful and healthy children. Yet, we have so many other demands on our time that we often spent more time doing other things for our children than spending time with them.

That is why we created Little Treasure Box! We want to make it easy, affordable and enjoyable for parents to spend time exploring, creating and connecting with their kids.

At the same time, our creative hands-on art and craft kits encourage creativity and self expression in children. We understand that it is tough for parents to come up with creative ideas, let alone running around to different stores to get the craft materials. 

Thus, we have been importing and distributing educational, art and crafts products to parents, homeschools, preschools, playgroups, churches, christian bookshops, community centres, part/event organisers and organisations worldwide.

Our goal is to offer you quality craft kits at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on offering you new and unique craft kits each year, and we research and develop each new craft kits to ensure we sell the best craft kit at the best possible price. When you order from Little Treasure Box, you can be sure you are getting crafts of quality and value.


Why parents love us?

In our constant efforts to offer your kids the most educative and entertaining craft DIY activities, we bring high quality innovative kits that the whole family enjoys. Our endeavor is based on our set of core values that inspire us to do the best for your children.


Ensuring only the best and safest materials reach the tiny hands of your precious children, we follow strict quality control at each step. Reliable sourcing and stringent testing go into offering you only the highest quality of products.


With a range of products that we offer, our customers can pick the ones suited to their needs and pocket.


Cut away from mundane craft activities for your kids. Our craft kits come in many varieties for you to choose from.


Go DIY this season and see that sense of achievement on your munchkin’s face!

The essence of our craft kits

The Little Treasure Box is designed to provide your little treasures with many unique craft ideas that not only encourage cognitive abilities but also make for a great family bonding time. Our products are of the highest quality and make for safe and reliable companions for your children.


Now leave the research and sourcing of the best materials to us and relax. All you need to do is unwrap, create and connect -  and let the fun begin – just the way you want it!


Fun and learn, these activities encourage the wholesome development of your kids. Variety of colors and textures and themes inspire cognitive abilities and stimulate creativity, assisting brain development.


Spend quality time with your children, or little friends as you embark on a journey together to create unique art. Cherish the memories and the hassle-free time spent together that will last a lifetime.


Now that you know who we are check out our products.