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  • 5 educational and screen free activities to keep children busy at home

    Parents often worry about the educational value of their kids' activities. And all children really want is to not get bored!

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    The fact is that parents don't need to wait for a play group, kindergarten or proper school to begin a child's learning process. Nor does the learning need to stop once the child is back home. There are many activities that can be done even at a young age that can benefit a child's development and keep him/her occupied in the house.

    Here are 5 educational and screen free activities that your children can benefit from when at home:

    1) Art and Craft

    The reason why the schooling system, the world over dedicates numerous hours on art and craft activities is perhaps not that well known. Art and craft is not only about creative or artistic development. Activities such as drawing, sculpting, cutting and pasting, constructing, build a child's right and left brain hemispheres. They stimulate logical as well as creative traits. Craft also helps to develop social and fine motor skills.

    2) Jigsaw Puzzles

    Puzzles are made for all age groups, in all sizes and themes. They can be solved in a group or solo. For some valuable family time, get out a huge jigsaw and assign a section to each member. Let the little kids collect all similar coloured or patterned pieces and stack them together while the rest insert them in the right places.

    3) Musical Fun

    Whether it's with musical instruments or cds, dance or singing, music stimulates a child's mind and emotions. For auditory learners, music and sounds make more sense. Most instruments can be learned from a very young age. If your child shows real inclination and talent towards music, you will never have to worry about him/her getting bored ever again. So encourage it.

    4) Puppetry

    The best part about puppets is making them. They can be as simple as sock people, paper plate masks or then paper mache characters. Trigger your child's imagination by suggesting scenarios and asking him/her to create characters to suit those. Combine the best of craft and theatre. Put up a show for the family or neighbours or both! Continue reading

  • 5 great ways to keep young children entertained during transit at an airport

    Kids are non stop energy balls that need constant stimulation and movement.

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    There's no better way to test this theory than by making them wait for a plane.The longer the transit period, the harsher the test... for the child and his/her parents!

    Keeping a tot busy at an airport can have its advantages and disadvantages.

    Taking both sides of this coin into consideration, here are 5 fun things one can do to entertain kids while waiting for a connecting flight:

    1) Story Time

    Airports are filled with engaging sights and sounds and each one tells a unique story. You can initiate an impromptu story telling session using what you see as inspiration. Let your imagination free and allow the child to add on with his/her inputs. Turn a boring transit lounge into a magical place of wonder and intrigue.

    2) Drawing Books

    Carry a set of drawing books, either with illustrations or blank pages. Keep the colours non messy and easy to carry. Crayons and coloured pencils are preferable to sketch pens or paint. Let the kids draw what they see or just colour in while they wait.

    3) Craft Kits

    Small self contained craft kits that don't require much cutting or pasting are ideal for long waiting periods. Craft keeps children quiet and focused throughout. Place a mat in a corner or keep the components on a chair while the child stands in front of it and plays.They don't require much supervision so parents can catch up on some reading or emailing if they wish to.

    4) Play Dough

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  • 5 fun non-tech ways to keep young kids quiet while waiting in a clinic

    Waiting can be such a drag! Even adults get fidgety so how can we blame young kids when they make a fuss about waiting quietly at a clinic?

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    The easiest way nowadays is of course, handing over an Iphone or even better, an Ipad, to a bored and irritated child. But there are a few constructive non-tech ways to occupy him/her during those rough waiting phases:

    1) Drawing Books

    Every child loves to draw. In fact the younger the child, the better! Carry along a sketch book with a packet of crayons or coloured pencils and hand it over to your child in a corner so that the session can be contained in one area. Or else you'll soon have pages and all 12 colours strewn all over the clinic premises! Let the child take inspiration from his/her environment or completely from a place of imagination.

    2) Origami

    All you require are sheets of coloured paper and an origami book. Folding paper is one of the quietest activities that one can find. But you cant do much about the squeals of delight after having created a baby crane or lotus.

    3) Craft Kits

    Simple, self contained craft kits are ideal for any situation that requires a child to calm down and focus on a task at hand. Craft occupies and entertains children while also developing their cognitive, creative and motor skills.Craft kits are easily available online and with a variety of themes.

    4) Toy Bag

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